We're very excited about this section of the site, we hope to categorise (green navigation bar above) the type of apps available, review apps and get your all important feed back so please feel free to join in the discussions and give your own opinions. In the meantime, for those of you new to the android experience and are looking to find out more about the G1 phone and its apps please read on and find out what all the rage is about.

What are 'apps'?
'Apps' are quite simply an abbreviation of the word 'applications', they will live on your G1 phone. The use of apps can vary depending on what you require, for example, you may want to have an app that lets you know the weather globally or you might even want to have an application that lets you know what time your next train is due, the ability to customise your G1 phone with apps will be endless. When you've finished with your app or you would like to add another they will be both easily downloadable and removable.

Where can we get apps from?
There will be a central online marketplace to view and download apps which will be know as the 'android market'.

What makes android apps any different from other competitors?
This is where Google's android platform has been particularly radical. Google have made the android platform 'open source', which is great news for people like you and me. Open source is a development idea whereby anyone can add, develop and design for the great good of the android platform, basically, Google has given the android platform to the world to develop and that means that most of the applications available will be free, no that's not a typo I wrote FREE!

Pre installed apps
Those lucky enough to get their hands on a T-mobile G1 phone for christmas will have a number of Google apps pre installed on the handset such as Google Search, Google maps street view, Gmail, YouTube and other popular Google software that PC users are familiar with.

If you would like to ask anymore questions regarding android apps please contact us

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