The eagerly anticipated T-Mobile G1 phone promises to take the mobile phone market by storm, and the recent leak of the G1 user manual (or quick start guide) has only served to fuel our impatience.

Firstly, the quick-start guide is anything but a quick start guide! The 48 page document gives us an idea of what we can expect from the vast capabilities of the G1. For anyone who thinks they’ll be able to just switch their new G1 phone on and get to grips with it in an hour, as we all have with our new phones in the past, think again.

Of course, nobody is going to tell you that you have to read the manual in order to operate one, but should you choose not to, you will almost certainly be missing out on many of the most advanced features in mobile technology. As the very first phone to operate on Google’s open source Android Platform, the G1 phone is so advanced it would be impossible for anybody to take full advantage of it’s capabilities without some assistance.

Besides, as we are all still waiting to actually get our hands on one, the user manual is a great teaser and the next step in bringing the promise of the G1 phone just that little bit closer.

Download it here:

G1 User Manual

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